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Effective marketing, pricing and staging of the home are the key to selling your home quickly and getting the best price. Marketing of our Clients’ homes by use of print advertising, the internet, plus our pool of past client contacts help Minister Realty sell homes.

One of the most important elements of marketing your home is presenting your home to the market at the proper price. Although many homes are unique in some way, there are always competing properties to consider. If your home’s price is set higher than other similar homes, you will help these competing homes appear to be a better buy than your home. On the other hand some Sellers may be overly anxious and may underprice their home. This may attract multiple offers, but it is a risky strategy. Even the overbids on an underpriced home may be less than true market value. We are professional residential Realtors and can help you present your house to the market at a realistic price.

The condition and appearance of your home are also critical factors in getting the best price for your home. A Minister Realty agent will personally walk through your home with you and advise you of what you can do to properly stage your home most effectively. Some areas of the property are much more important to focus on than others. The Buyer often has an emotional response to the home they are shown. These responses can be positive, negative, or neutral. Our goal is to procure a positive response from the Buyer. An interested Buyer often lingers in a room and tries to picture their belongings in the home. An uncluttered, properly staged home can help a Buyer “mentally move in” and decide to submit an offer!

Your Minister Realty agent will negotiate on your behalf throughout the entire process to ensure that your interests are protected. Real estate negotiations and contracts can be intimidating in their complexity. Most clients have almost no experience in these negotiations. As real estate professionals, negotiating is a key element of our job.

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